Six reasons why men should also practice yoga

Six reasons why men should also practice yoga

1. Men also decompress. The first yoga practitioners were separated from society, climbing on the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas, and meditating on the banks of the Ganges, just like the recluse yogis seen in the “Himalayan Star”.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, people began to accept yoga for the human body, and then it began to spread in the world.

Modern fast-paced work and life, especially the society gives men more responsibilities and requirements. Men are accustomed to bear pressure and reduce the way of decompression. Any form of indulgence cannot make it possible to truly relax, but often even relax.Not anymore.

Those retreat yoga practitioners have no pressure, but the practice method is a good way to reduce stress in modern society. Yoga can improve the flexibility of the body, enhance coordination, increase agility, and shape rigid and flexible body lines.Cultivate elegant and noble masculinity.

Only a man who knows how to relieve his stress can know more about life and work.

  2. Fighting Men’s Health Crisis Men have many health problems. Awareness of their bodies, brain and bones, and physical problems are actually caused by overloaded stress. Without a calm brain, people are always stressed,Emotions can be intense.

As the stress increases, the disease becomes more prominent.

Chronic stress is 6 times more likely to cause high blood pressure and cancer than risk factors such as smoking and high blood pressure.

The brain is one of the most important organs in the human body. When the brain is fatigued, many functions are affected.

The great benefit of yoga is that it can help brain waves return to a calm state, reduce the role of parasympathetic nerves, restore a state of energy, and fight against various health crises.

  3. Enhancing Men’s Sexual Ability The British singer Sting once said that he could have sex with his wife continuously for up to 5 hours. According to him, he claimed to rely on the effects of practicing yoga every day.

Do not misunderstand that yoga can help men improve sexual function, this utilitarian idea will distort the benefits of yoga to the body.

The benefits of practicing yoga for men’s sexual abilities are natural. The biggest benefit is not the lengthening of time and the improvement of abilities, but helping the practitioner to enhance the physical feeling, extend the sexual pleasure and achieve a higher sexual arousal state.

If they can continue to practice, women can increase their chances of getting double orgasms, and both men and women can lead orgasms to various parts of the body.

  4, build bodybuilding, elegant body because men do not notice their body shape like women, after 30 years of age, the proportion of men is very high, and the consequent diseases are a lot of hidden dangers. Practicing yoga can reduce excess meat in body partsSlight has a special effect, increases the flexibility of the body, and can help men maintain their normal body shape.

Unlike other sports, yoga is a comprehensive system that embraces the body, brain, and spirit.

Yoga is the foundation of other sports. Many sports stars, such as baseball catcher Barry Zito, and running back EddieGeorge, etc., use yoga to maintain their best physical condition. NBA Grey Wolf’s best player Janette,Be sure to practice yoga breathing before each game.

Yoga exercises are not contradictory to other sports and can also increase the effectiveness of other sports.

  5. Wisdom in the workplace Having a relaxed brain and body is the nature of human nature. It helps to release various energy by reducing the pressure on the body and brain.

Breathing exercises in yoga can help you control your brain, achieve peace and tranquility, improve your concentration and clear thinking.

Practicing yoga can make your life very regular and improve efficiency.

When people are busy, their thoughts are often chaotic. People need a little time to calm down and think every day. Many important things will float out. Unimportant things will sink. People are often indistinguishable when they are busy. Only when they are calm.Only when you increase your acuity of intuition can you increase your acuity by practicing yoga and let you know what is most important.

Working in the workplace is always like the New York Stock Exchange. It is always full of stress. Yoga can increase sensitivity and insight, and make decision-making and judgment more wise.

After practicing yoga, energy will be abundant and work efficiency will be very high.

  6. Gain a deep, lasting, and satisfying sense of happiness. For a person who is suffering from the desert and is on the verge of death, a drop or two of water cannot relieve his thirst. Similarly, he gains extreme from the sensesLimited happiness cannot be fulfilled.

Modern people are constantly pursuing love, success, and happiness, but the happiness and feelings around them are disrupted and ignored by our chaotic thoughts, becoming blurred, and the heart will never worry and be restless.

The small amount of happiness that you gain from your senses is completely worthless. The pain caused by the pursuit of this happiness has unfortunately replaced this little happiness.

Yoga can give people a deep, lasting and satisfying happiness, and the world around them becomes sunny and harmonious. You will learn what is most important to you.