In fact he understands,Some collaterals in the family are actually coveting the position of the head of the family,It’s just that Qiu Ze is not so blatant。

In terms of documents, of course Tan Zetao had already prepared the lawyer,So when the written document is written,Resign the document。Basically has a legal effect。
“The file is written。What do you guys do?”At this moment, Qiu Qi smiled and looked at Qiu Ze。It’s like saying in my eyes,If you have three long and two short,Don’t think about it。
The fact that Patriarch Qiu has been the Patriarch for so many years,Secretly, there are indeed people who can train some people to deal with things that are not obvious.。Even if he is really long and short,I think the people I raised before will help him.。
“Row,rigorous,You send him on the plane。”
“it is good!”
“Ok?”Qiu Qi is still a little puzzled。Let him go?So friendly?He is not afraid of revenge,Or do you come back to overthrow your written documents??
However, he couldn’t say anything at this time,Can only be sent away with rigor。of course,The so-called sending on the plane does not mean a regular flight。Instead, he took it to the nearest foreign country with Master Devil’s plane。And then take a foreign flight。
of course,Someone will take care of this。And rigor is just taking this person on the plane。
Besides being rigorous, there was also Wu Chuan who accompanied Qiu Qi on the plane.。This Wu Chuan is the boss of Soochow,Because of being helped many times,Now he’s the confidant of Master Demon City。So if this kind of thing is left to him, it will be foolproof。
After sending away the master Qiu Qi,,Tan Zetao looked at Qiu Zedao,“All right,It’s time for you to perform。”
Qiu Ze is at a loss。I always feel happiness comes too suddenly,With this transfer contract,Did you mean,I have taken over all Qiu’s properties?Even if other people don’t agree to be the owner,But he already holds the Qiu family’s economic lifeline?