Beware of malformations caused by improper feeding bottles

Beware of malformations caused by improper feeding bottles

Improper use of feeding bottles can cause tooth deformities.

When the child is sucking milk, the lower jaw should do a moderate forward movement and cooperate with the tongue, lips, and chest muscles to complete the sucking action in coordination.

Coordination of movements, facial muscles can develop well. If the bottle replacement method is improper, such as the nipple opening is too small or too large, the bottle is too up or down, and the bottle is close to the teeth, it will affect the teeth or dental arch.Development, which causes deformities of the teeth.

Improper use of baby bottles, there are several common situations: 1. The opening of the nipple is too small. Because the opening of the nipple is too small, the child is very laborious when sucking milk, which will force the lower jaw forward.

Over time, it can cause a mandibular protrusion.

Later teeth can form anti-jaw jaws.

2, the nipple opening is too large: If the nipple opening is too large, the child will lay down and eat milk without effort, and it is easy to absorb.

In this way, the extension of the lower jaw is insufficient, which will cause the tooth to retract.

3, the bottle is often tilted upwards: Feed the baby. If the bottle is constantly raised, the mouth of the bottle will compress the upper lip and upper jaw, which will hinder the development of the maxilla and push the mandible forward, causing the upper incisor to bite in the lower incisor.Anti-jaw.

In severe cases, the face is concave, and the lower third extends forward, forming a crescent-shaped face.

Feeding bottles often slope down.

4. The bottle is often fed downwards: the bottleneck compresses the lower lip and the lower jaw, which hinders the development of the lower jaw, thereby causing the upper jaw to protrude, causing anterior protrusion of the upper teeth and deformity of the open lips.

In order to protect the child’s physical health and prevent deformity of the child’s teeth, attention must be paid from an early age.

The correct method: The child should take a semi-sitting position when feeding. The size of the perforation of the artificial nipple should be appropriate. The degree of milk dripping out when the bottle is inverted is too small. If the milk does not drip when inverted, it will be too small.The juice is linear and is too large.

The baby bottle should be at an angle of 90 degrees to the face. Do not press the baby’s lips with the bottle mouth.

At the same time, be careful not to let the child suck the nipples empty or sleep with the nipples.

Finally, it must be pointed out: tongue out, attract fingers, lick teeth, bite lips, bite nails, bite pencil, bite handkerchief, bite placket, chew food sideways to imitate others to bite the lower jaw forward, use one hand to read the book,Or bad habits such as sleeping on the face, etc., will affect the development of teeth and jaws to varying degrees, causing dental deformities. Therefore, children with the above bad habits should also be corrected in a timely manner.