Intimacy is the way to get along with the opposite sex

Intimacy is the way to get along with the opposite sex

Here, what parents mean by “intimate contact” is that there is physical contact between men and women.

It may be hugging and kissing at first, and then it may develop into sexual organ contact.

Exposure of male and female organs may cause the woman to become pregnant.

So parents will definitely pay close attention to whether their immature children will be in intimate contact with the opposite sex.

  Just like there are four seasons in a year, everyone has its own growth cycle.

The proper pregnancy and reproduction is in adulthood, because at that time entered the palace of marriage, has his own spouse, and has a stable income, physical and psychological development has matured, all these are ready for pregnancy and child birth,Men and women who become husband and wife can calmly welcome the arrival of their love crystal, and become the happiness and joy of being a mother and father.

We can grow up in a happy and harmonious family today because our parents are fully prepared for our birth.

  In puberty, the body needs to be well-developed, the mind must be stable and mature, and the foundation for the future to be based on society. Therefore, this is the stage to prepare in the future.

If we do well in advance what can be done in the latter stage, which delays what we should do, it will make the situation complicated and worse.

From this point of view, there is a reason for parents to worry, they want to protect you.

  A girl who had an abortion told me step by step: “When we kissed affectionately, I kept saying to myself,‘ hold yourself!

Don’t cross that bottom line!

‘Later, I couldn’t help myself, my mind was blank, and what I did was clear.

When he wakes up, he will deeply regret and blame himself.

“The gesture of hugging and kissing is generally between lovers, that is to say, the two have established a confession of love relationship.

The boys and girls who haven’t actually matured yet don’t actually know what love is. They are fond of the opposite sex and generally stay in the emotional stage. It is often the other side that attracts themselves a little, but not the true love.

We can see how many pairs of boys and girls who are “good” in middle school finally become a climate?

Many of them are “good” with this today, and “good” with that again tomorrow, and some are “good” with several people at the same time. Is this called love?

It is at most a kind of “love” game that imitates adults.