[Dried Matsutake_Dried Matsutake]

[Dried Matsutake_Dried Matsutake]

Dried Matsutake has higher nutritional value than fresh Matsutake. Various nutrients of Dried Matsutake can nourish people’s body. People with insufficient blood and anaemia can often use dried Matsutake to reduce physical fitness. Dried Matsutake can be regarded as a high-nutrition medicated diet after it is made into vegetables, If you use dried matsutake for soup, it can retain a lot of nutritional value of matsutake.

Dried matsutake can be used for cooking, stewing, snacks, and matsutake rice. It can meet your different tastes. You can also add matsutake wine. Before making dried matsutake, you must soak the dried matsutake with water. Usually, it can use warm water at about 40 ° C.Soak the dried matsutake, and you can soak it for half an hour at a time. How can the dried matsutake be delicious?

Let’s introduce it in detail.

One raw dried matsutake (20g), local chicken (1), 30g green onion, 10g wolfberry, 20g ginger, seasoned with salt.


method 1.

Clean all raw materials; 2.

2. The chicken is cut into large pieces, the ginger is sliced, and the mushrooms are foamed;

3. Divided chickens are washed with running water to remove the blood foam, and simmered in the pot; 4.

Add appropriate water to the casserole, add the chicken cubes, soaked matsutake and ginger, etc., and simmer for about 2 hours.

After the chicken soup is stewed, add some salt according to personal preference.


Precautions You can soak dried matsutake with cold water, but it takes longer to soak in cold water, so it is more appropriate to soak in warm water.

The water for soaking dried matsutake is nutritious and can be used to make porridge. Do not pour it. If it is a matsutake skin, it is not necessary, because the matsutake belt has a lot of sediment, which affects the taste.


How to eat dried matsutake 1.

Stew-like matsutake broth: Stew matsutake with pure water for 15 minutes, add a little salt, and serve.

Fragrant and refreshing.

Only 20g of fresh matsutake per person is required.


Top roasted matsutake: Wash and drain the fresh matsutake and grill it on a charcoal-grilled main board. When roasted until the aroma is tangy, sandwich it into a small dish with soy sauce and salt ready to use.

Butter Matsutake: After washing the fresh matsutake, slice it and fry it in the heated butter.

After the matsutake is fully fragrant, add salt to eat.


Dessert Matsutake Rice: Mix rice with some glutinous rice and soak it in water for more than half an hour, shredded bamboo shoots, matsutake mushrooms, carrot shreds, shredded deep-fried tofu slices, kumbu, soy sauce and cooking wine, mix well and leave for half an hour, then mix the ingredientsAdd soy sauce, cooking wine, cook rice cooker, add edamame for the last ten minutes, and then evenly after the time is up.


Matsutake wine freeze-dried matsutake full name: vacuum freeze-dried matsutake.

It is a dried matsutake produced by vacuum freeze-drying technology of fresh matsutake, and it is a delicious organic green food.

Vacuum freeze-drying technology (English: Freeze-Dried, abbreviated as “FD”) is one of the food processing technologies with the highest modern science and technology, which is performed under certain low temperature and low pressure conditions.

The preliminary necessary sublimation heat removes the moisture in the product directly from the solid sublimation gas phase to achieve the purpose of dehydration.