Although his hands and feet are tied,My mouth is sealed,But Shangguan Yuxin is not afraid at all,There was no surprise in my eyes after seeing myself,Like knowing that I am coming。

After Qin Feng gave her a hush gesture,Tore off the tape on her hands and feet。
“how about it,Is there any injury?”Qin Feng asked gently。
“I’m very good,Not injured。”Shangguan Yuxin whispered。
“That’s good,You wait for me in this room,I’ll take you back in a while。”Qin Feng patted this one who was implicated by himself,The head of a strong little star,Said softly。
“Hmmm。”Shangguan Yuxin nodded vigorously。
“Cough……”Soothed Shangguan Yuxin,Qin Feng decided to meet these two kidnappers。
“Who,Who?”Ergouzi is dreaming,Suddenly heard someone coughing,Fell off the sofa。
“who are you?”Er Gouzi woke up and saw a person’s back appear in front of him。
“I am the one you are looking for,Why don’t you bother with me to show up?,Now i am coming。”Qin Feng turned his head and said contemptuously。
“Qin Feng?”Ying said lightly。
“Yes,You seem smarter than your brother。”Qin Fengkan
Take a look,Said with a smile。