“Nothing,Although I promised not to kill him。But also think he is a little in the way,Originally I wanted to find time to send him out。Now it seems to be relieved,Don’t worry about thiscāo)heart。”Qin Feng said it lightly,But I feel a little uncomfortable after all。After all, others shot without a word,In case the people on their side don’t react in time,Will it be hit too??

But after Tian Chen explained,Qin Feng knew that these people were really suffocated,That’s why I was so angry,Kill the scouts that belong to the mercenary group directly。
“Row,Then I won’t say much,Bring some supplies and we left。As for Blue Phoenix,She was originally from your Tamron team,How about let her stay?”The Blue Phoenix is naturally one of the fighting power。Qin Feng feels about the same as Liu Xing in terms of strength。
But the problem is,Originally, Qin Feng didn’t enter this place as a special team.。What he wants to do is more of a job like support。
“Captain Tian Chen,I thought about it,If you need it,Bring the wounded,We can send them out for treatment。”Qin Feng added。
“Oh?The two military camps outside?”
“Solved by me,I’m the only one outside now,Lear Barracks。”Qin Feng replied。
Tian Chen smiled and thumbs up,Then didn’t say anything,Moved things and left。
As for Blue Phoenix,Hesitation in the eyes。After all, she was originally with Captain Jordan,But because of the encounter with the mercenary team where the scout was,The seriously injured Captain Jordan also failed to leave alive。
The entire Tamron team including Qin Feng knew that Lan Phoenix likes Jordan,The latter actually did not explicitly refuse。Qin Feng sees how they get along,In fact, from the bottom of his heart, Jordan admits that this stranger is his partner。
It’s just that I haven’t accepted it in the best way.。Maybe he thinks,People in the special team shouldn’t talk about feelings。After all, no one can guarantee that he will be alive forever。So for Blue Phoenix
,There is a feeling of detachment。
Lan Fenghuang understands this,It’s just that I didn’t expect that this time the battle was really separated from life and death。
The blue phoenix at that time was actually in a trance,If it wasn’t for Tian Chen to force her to retreat,Maybe even she can’t live till now。
But from Qin Feng’s view,Blue Phoenix is recovering well now,At least when he fought with that team before, Blue Phoenix performed well.。
finally,Lan Fenghuang didn’t follow Tian Chen away,But stay here with Qin Feng。
“Blue Phoenix,Can you talk about the situation on the poisonous side??”Qin Feng feels,There is no point in saying comforting words like this,It’s better to ask for more information,Because in this way, we know that more Qin Feng can use these reports to a greater extent to achieve different effects.。
However, Qin Feng didn’t expect Liu Xing to scold him at this time.,“Are you a bit concentric,Didn’t you see her feeling bad??”