Psychological counseling in some cases

Psychological counseling in some cases

For the time being, many people don’t know much about the psychological profession, and they don’t know under what circumstances they should have a psychological consultation or seek help from a psychologist.

Experts suggest that you may take the initiative to ask a counselor when you:

Difficulty falling asleep, waking up early, waking up early, night terrors, nightmares, night games and nightmares; 2.

2. Persistent state of depression, often accompanied by worry, physical discomfort and sleep disturbance;

Menstrual aberrations, autonomic dysfunction, mood swings, psychological tension, worry, fear, sensitivity, paranoia, etc.


5. Female mental illnesses characterized by anorexia, weight loss, amenorrhea, and weakness are mostly related to the pursuit of slim and blind dieting; 5.

Children’s diseases characterized by inattention, hyperactivity, learning difficulties, and poor behavior, including poor academic performance of unknown causes; 6.

6. Repeated vomiting, but it does not affect appetite and weight. It is suggestive and more common in women. It often develops under the influence of obvious psychological factors.

8. Knowing contradictions, but unable to overcome and repeatedly present ideas, emotions or behaviors, often accompanied by worry and fear; 8.

8. Persistent tension or epileptic panic, but not caused by actual threats, and the panic symptoms that appear are not consistent with the actual situation; 9.

Have a strong fear or tension about a particular situation, object or person and have to avoid or flinch; 10.

Elderly loneliness, fear, inferiority, doubt, depression, feeling of loss, etc .; 11.

Illness of children with involuntary wetting at night repeatedly occurs at the age of around.


Paying too much attention to one’s health, suspecting that some part of the body or certain organs are abnormal. Although there is no objective evidence in clinical examinations, he still insists that he has a certain disease, accompanied by symptoms such as worry and fear.

  In fact, anyone has overcome the setbacks and difficulties encountered in their lives. In the face of these problems, it is normal for some bad emotions to occur. The key is that we always solve the problems we face with a state of mind.

That is to say, as long as there is any psychological confusion or obstacle in any person, especially in the case of mental stimulation, psychological trauma, and interpersonal conflicts, the psychologist can help you.