“There is a chance,But there is a premise。”

“What premise?”Li Jianguo hurriedly asked。
“Soviet Union。”
“Soviet Union?”Li Jianguo was shocked,I don’t quite understand the introduction of China“Aerial crane”Why is it related to the Soviet Union?。
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First591chapter Slobber
? Meng Haibo, Huang Wenqing and others, who did not mention back, quickly reported the details of today’s meeting to the leaders.,Let’s go back and talk about the Civil Aviation Administration。
Civil Aviation Administration named by the old man,Finally realized that I almost made a big mistake:This cooperation with Chen Geng,Chen Geng is not begging his Civil Aviation Administration,It doesn’t mean that the Civil Aviation Administration can wait and sell、Even skyrocketing prices,in contrast,If something goes wrong here,Affected the overall planning and layout of the country,Serious consequences,Business is not just a problem of getting a board on your ass。
So this time,They move fast。
The Civil Aviation Administration even directly sent the third in command of the system:Executive Deputy Director Wan Dong,Gave him sufficient authorization,The reason is when the negotiation between the two parties is more anxious,Wan Dong was able to settle the problem on the spot。
“Mr. Chen,After fully considering your requirements,We have a preliminary cooperation draft here……”
While talking,Wan Dong looked at Chen Geng cautiously。
Chen Geng smiled and nodded,Signal to Deputy Director Wan to continue。
Wandong was relieved now,Anyhow, it is also the third in command of the domestic civil aviation system,He was a little nervous at this moment,Stretched his neck meaningfully,Wandong then continued:“We are in the field of civil aviation,Now only China Civil Aviation is the company,So for this cooperation,Our initial assumption is like this:You invested in our China Civil Aviation with aircraft and capital,Take up10%Shares of。
But please rest assured,This is just a transition plan,We are now discussing a system reform plan for the civil aviation industry, featuring the separation of airlines and airports.,At least six to seven civil aviation companies will be established by then,You can designate any company as your shareholder,You are now investing in the aircraft of China Civil Aviation、Capital,At that time, all will be transferred to your designated airline,What do you think?”
Regarding the civil aviation system reform,Chen Geng really knows,Roughly,Is the capital of the original civil aviation、Magic city、Yangcheng、Changan、Rongcheng、Fengtian et al6Air transport and general aviation-related business of each regional administration、Separation of assets and personnel,Formed6National backbone airlines,Self-management、Self-financing、Equal competition。
This6Air China、Eastern Airlines、China Southern Airlines、Southwest Airlines、Northwest Airlines、Northern Airlines,In addition, a、was founded in1984year9United Airlines,Plus one founded on1989Year、Mainly general aviation business、China General Airlines。
These companies,Forms the basic framework for the future of China Civil Aviation,As for the provinces that were established later、For example, civil aviation companies such as Shandong Airlines,That’s all futuristic。