Chapter five hundred and ninety five Thought I was fooling
Last time he was as usual,“Ask for money when going home”。But just came in,But I saw the mother and daughter need to take the card to discuss buying medicine,I just heard the password for the card at the door,So I went in and grabbed the bank card,Ran out in a hurry。
Take a look at a nearby bank card,But I saw that there was 50,000 yuan on it!
I thought I could only come over and eat the money from the restaurant,But I didn’t expect it to be a big fish!
“And now your mother is well,This obviously looks like there is still money,Don’t think i’m so fooled。”
He felt strange before,He knows the family conditions of their mother and daughter better than anyone else!
This dead woman used to have a thousand dollars a month,But this is barely enough for the living expenses of the mother and daughter,and so,He comes to get money every day when the dead woman is paid。
Counting the first few hours,Also to son,So he came over,Ready to take money。
But to the door,But remember,This dead woman was fired from the factory some time ago。
Wanted to go,But I heard their conversation。
Although I am shocked, how can I have so much money?,But it’s in my own hands,Don’t care so much。And there was so much money back then,How could it not now?
There is still a little left。