Must read women’s minds

Must read women’s minds

Some people say that men are sensible animals and women are emotional animals.

Maybe it is the difference in the way of thinking between men and women. Some of the women’s minds and men can not understand or misunderstand.

Especially for women who like fashion, their ideas are more confusing for men.

  1. Is the gift romantic or affordable?

  Man surprised: On the days when women’s day needs to be gifted, is it romantic or affordable?

  Scene: On the night of “March 8”, as soon as her husband entered the house, he gave his wife a bouquet of roses.

The wife said: How much does this bunch cost?

Might as well take me and my son for a big meal . And ah, you owe me a platinum necklace!

My husband’s smiling face suddenly freezes!



  Summary: Women are sometimes material animals, especially after years of baptism in marriage.

Facing this fact, her husband might as well give her some benefits!

  2. Do you want a romantic audience?

  Man surprised: Romance is completely a private matter between me and my girlfriend, but why does my girlfriend always want to find a few viewers?

  Scene: Two girls in the office celebrate their birthday on the same day.

Early in the morning, a girl’s boyfriend sent 11 roses and a birthday card, and even the old-fashioned gift, still aroused the cheers of the little sister.

Another girl, such as sitting on a needle blanket, finally boiled home from work and saw the fool standing in front of her house holding a rose in the distance 🙂 Summary: Romance requires the audience, Jinyi must not travel at night, vanity is a disease that women cannot cure!

In the public, ordinary gifts can be worth hundreds of times.

  3. Is the prank moody or boring?

  Man doubts: Why do women like to test out men on April Fool’s Day in ordinary days, which makes people feel headache?

  Scene: Mr. Chen returns home and finds out that his wife left a note: Dear, I have a party with my classmates tonight and I will not go home for dinner.

Mr. Chen called madly, and asked Hupeng and his dog friends to come home to carnival.

After the phone call, I suddenly found my wife crept out of the bedroom: “Haha, you were so happy when I was away.

“He was stunned, and she smiled back and forth.

  Summary: Teasing your boyfriend or husband with pranks is a popular entertainment item for female compatriots.

It is not only a fun game, but also a test and examination function. If you are not calm, you may be “baked”.

  4. Is phone tracking distrustful or caring?

  A man may: It’s nothing to make me lose face than to hang out with friends. My wife’s Cha Gang phone disturbed my buddies, and she also cared about me.

  Scene: A group of women sing in the concert hall. After 12 o’clock in the evening, everyone’s mobile phone sings in turn, but Xiaoli’s mobile phone has been silent, everyone said that your husband is really assured of you.

When I got home, Xiaoli asked her husband why she did n’t call her. Her husband said that every time I went out, you always called and asked me how many times I went home.
Xiaoli said: “You make me so shameless, as if I’m a woman no one cares about.

“Summary: Men hate being tracked by women, women like being tracked by men; men think it’s an annoyance for women to ask him a few times to go home, and women think it’s an honor to ask men a few times to go home.

  5. Is it weird or fashionable to dabble in any color?

  Why do men: black lipstick, green eyeshadow, orange blush . why do women make a good face like a plate?

  Scenario: In front of a makeup counter, a girl tries eyeshadow powder.

Painted in green, his boyfriend shook his head; painted in purple, his boyfriend shook his head; painted in blue, his boyfriend still shook his head.

The girl was furious: “Are you willing to spend money!The boy said aggrieved, “No!

I just feel like no one’s eyes grow like that.

“Summary: To date, the development of make-up technology is no longer the eyebrows and dark spots on the lips of ordinary men, and the lips are not red or red.

As long as there are fashion magazines admiring, even if the beautiful face like an elephant fairy, there will be fashionable girls to learn to apply it, this is really not a woman to please herself.

  6, how to protect the messenger?

  The man was surprised: I live in Hankou. Late at night, I often use a tram to escort my girlfriend who lives in Wuchang to go home, and toss to the middle of the night to return to her nest, but the girlfriend is not moved.

  Scene: At ten o’clock in the evening, a couple of men and women were on Hankou Street. The boy said to see if there was a bus, the girl’s face was immediately overcast.

The boy then reached out to stop the taxi and said, “I will take you back to Wuchang.

“” When you send me back, you will have to fight back again. It will cost you more than a hundred yuan.

“The girl’s words made the boy embarrassed. What should be done to make her happy?

  To sum up: Independent women no longer need flower protectors, but still need someone to look like a flower protector.

The wisest way for a man is to give a woman a hundred dollars for caring and let her take a taxi home. Even she may choose to take a bus and save money to buy clothes.

  7. Buy one expensive or ten cheap?

  Man is surprised: women are always buying clothes, but they are always repeating the clothes they did not buy. Why can’t they use the money for two or three pieces to spread the goods to buy decent clothes?

  Scene: A pair of men and women are choosing clothes. When a man fancy one, the woman always says it is too expensive.

In the end, the man couldn’t help saying, “Buy a good one.

“It’s not pleasant for a woman to pick things up.

Later, at the suggestion of the woman, they killed a clothing market for a thousand dollars and bought a scarf, two clothes, a skirt, a pair of pants, and a pair of shoes.

  Summary: When women say that they don’t have clothes, they don’t really want to buy something expensive but just want to buy new ones.

In their opinion, the new one is good, and I am happy to be able to buy more new clothes with the same money.

  8. How to treat her friends?

  Man may: My wife has some close friends who are sisters. However, after turning hot with them, she will tell me that they are not, and I really don’t know what to do.

  Scene: A close friend of his wife’s girlfriend comes to play, and her husband cooks passionately.

Because it was late, he kept her to stay, and the next day, his wife made a fuss with him, saying that he was a fool.

  Summary: Some women will speak badly about other women in front of the man they love, including close friends.

This is different from men. Men feel that if women are friendly to their friends, they are giving face to themselves, while women are jealous.