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Women are very weak after giving birth, and most women will be very injured after giving birth. Therefore, it is necessary to recover the body through confinement. Women in confinement are best not to eat snacks. There is nothing in snacks.Nutrition, and it is not easy to digest, it is best to eat more nutritious things, so the degree of physical recovery is beneficial, and the nutrition required at different stages of confinement.

What should women eat in confinement?

Green papaya sweet soup protects the liver and improves immunity, helps the liver to detoxify, and also has the effect of strengthening the spleen, appetizing, blood circulation and milk. The sesame oil orange cake warms up the cold, promotes blood circulation, and improves the coldness of the hands and feet.

Just hearing these names, Xiaobian already felt that the aroma was overflowing. The sour fruits not only increase the vitamins of women, but also have a good appetite and digestion.

Spinach scrambled eggs are also a good blood supplement. Spinach is rich in vitamins, supplemental fiber and iron, which just complements eggs.

Orange cake scrambled eggs to relieve cough and phlegm, strengthen the spleen and appetite, sweet and sour, delicious and nutritious.

Such easy-to-digest snacks are really good. Of course, during pregnancy, blood supplements and edema can be helpful in addition to certain drugs.

Longan glutinous rice cake appetizers and spleen, nourishing qi and qi, strengthening spleen and stomach, eliminating fatigue and strengthening maternal weakness.

Red bean soup as a snack can be said to be very good. In the third trimester, pregnant women are edema, eat more red bean diuretic swelling, postpartum, and diuretic.

However, if you eat too much red beans, it is easy to swell, so it is limited to 2 bowls per day.

It’s great to lie in bed and enjoy the excellent taste of desserts.

Many mothers are very enthusiastic about eggs, so what about dim sum food about eggs?

Red rotten egg noodles have appetizing and spleen appetite, nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation, which can effectively promote maternal appetite, supplement the nutrition required by the mother, and accelerate the postpartum recovery of the mother.

It is obvious that eggs should not be consumed during the first and second stages of confinement, and complete nutritional inability to absorb them will result in nothingness and increase the burden on the stomach and other organs.