Presumably his father will have many treasures for so many years,At least far better than him,Now he wants to use all these treasures in the right place,I think his father wouldn’t be so stingy。

“just,How can I ask for all the treasures from my dad in good faith?Ugh,Really embarrass me,really,I still like it before,Eat and sleep all day long,Woke up and eat life。”
“Why don’t I steal,Do not,I’ll find it myself,My dad’s cautious character,Those treasures are certainly impossible to carry with you,As long as it is in Qinglong City,One day sooner or later,I will always find。”
Luo Chen leaned on the chair,Whisper,Now the only way to improve his strength,Is to redeem all his father’s treasures into points,It’s just that his father is so stingy,Maybe he would say he was fantastic。
therefore,He can only take it without asking,just,Imperative,To find the place where his father kept those treasures,Then he calmly took it。
Although he is a bit weak as a Tier 4 fairy,But at least he is of the same rank as his father today,As long as he hides it,His father would never notice。
at this time,I saw a dark gate suddenly appeared in the small courtyard,Many images of alien animals are carved on the gate,Next second,The dark door opens slowly。
Luo Chen looked at the dark door that suddenly appeared in front of him,It’s not the foggy door that the former prospects and the Monkey King saw when they left.,Knowing that this is not the method of Big Sedum and Big Monkey。
but,Luo Chen is very curious,When,Qinglongcheng became the back garden of other creatures?Come if you want,Just go,Don’t say hello to his host。
Luo Chen watched as the dark gate in front of him was slowly opening,Didn’t feel the breath that scared him,Know this guest,It’s not as mysterious and scary as the strange old man before,Said quietly。
“All,Keep outside the courtyard,No matter what happens,Without my orders,No entry。”
At the moment Luo Chen’s voice fell,A dozen dead soldiers who had been kept firmly in the small courtyard rushed out of their hidden positions,At the exits of the courtyard。
And Luo Chen’s most powerful subordinate, Luo Da, is sitting at the gate of the small courtyard.,Look around calmly,They are all dead men specially trained by Lord Santo,As long as the young master ordered,Even if it’s dead,They will do it too。
“Maybe that Li Yiyi is right,Me now,I really lack a counselor,Help me make suggestions,After all, I want these guys who only know how to kill to deal with trivial matters,Too embarrassing for these guys。”
“Is it true that one gains and one loses??”
Luo Chen leaned back on the chair leisurely,Looking at the dark gate in front of you,Whisper,His subordinates,Whether it is loyal,Or ability,Are deeply trusted by him,What a pity,Only Luo has a better brain,As for the other subordinates,Don’t mention it。
After a breath,I saw the dark door completely opened,A burly strange creature walked out the door slowly,Then the dark gate dissipated in the small courtyard。