[Ginger vinegar]_Ginger vinegar_How to do_How to do

[Ginger vinegar]_Ginger vinegar_How to do_How to do

Ginger vinegar can actually bring us different tastes, and it can also enhance blood circulation and promote digestion.Good sweating, anti-vomiting, cold-dispelling effect.

First, method 1, first cut the ginger into thin slices.

It is best to use fresh ginger. Fresh ginger has very good vitamin effects, can also enhance blood circulation and promote digestion.

Ginger slices need not be cut too thick, but they must be cut evenly.

2, vinegar to extract the original balsamic vinegar, if you use vinegar essence and blending vinegar will not play the role of Chinese medicine.

The western Henan generation has also made ginger with persimmon vinegar for thousands of years. Although the living conditions of the local people are very low, the average life expectancy can be.

3. Put the cut ginger into a bottle, and then pour the vinegar into the bottle. Note that this bottle must be cleaned. There must be no oil in the bottle to avoid the deterioration of ginger. The vinegar must not have ginger slices, and gingerThe flakes are exposed, and then the bottle of vinegar-soaked ginger flakes is stored in the refrigerator freezer.

Can I eat 2 a day after a week?
4 slices of fresh ginger have a very good effect on lowering blood lipids and assisting the treatment of arthritis.

Take it for a long time, it won’t hurt when you get old, and it can also prolong life.

2. Efficacy 1. Ginger is an aromatic and spicy stomach medicine, which has the effects of warmth, excitement, sweating, and cough. It is suitable for exogenous wind and cold, headache, sputum, cough, and stomach vomiting. Ginger has a detoxifying and sterilizing effect.When eating aquatic products such as pine eggs or fish and crabs, usually put some ginger and ginger juice.

When the human body performs normal metabolism and physiological functions, it will produce a harmful substance, oxygen free radicals, causing the body to develop cancer and aging.

After gingerol in ginger enters the body, it can produce an antioxidant enzyme, which has a strong ability to deal with oxygen free radicals, and is much stronger than vitamin E.

Therefore, eating ginger can fight aging. Elderly people who eat ginger can eliminate “senile plaques”.

2. Ginger extract can stimulate gastric mucosa, cause reflex excitement of vascular motor centers and sympathetic nerves, promote blood circulation, stimulate gastric function, and achieve the effects of stomach strengthening, analgesia, sweating, and antipyretics.

The volatile oil of ginger can enhance the secretion of gastric juice and the peristalsis of the intestinal wall, thereby helping digestion; the mixture of gingerene and gingerone isolated from ginger has a significant antiemetic effect.

3. Ginger extract has a significant effect on inhibiting skin wrinkles and killing Trichomonas vaginalis, and can treat a variety of edema and sore.

Ginger inhibits vitamin activity and reduces the toxic effects of cancer.