“very smooth,Very smooth,”Speaking of this problem,Anthony·Fokker couldn’t help but smile:“If nothing unexpected happens,6To8It should be able to complete the airworthiness certification work within a month。”

“That’s fast……”Chen Geng nodded。
Anthony·Fokker hesitated,Still ask Chen Geng:“Fernandez,You really have so much confidence in China Market?”
“how?”Listen to Anthony·There is something in Fokker,Chen Geng raised his eyebrows:“Americans are looking for you?”
“Ok,”Anthony·Fokker nodded,Did not deny:“The people at McDonnell Douglas found me。”
What does McDonnell Douglas ask him for,Anthony·Fokker didn’t say,But even if you think about it with your heel,Can also understand that they didn’t plan to invite Anthony·Fokker Eat。
Pondered for a moment,Chen Geng said:“Say so,future20year,I promise it’s just my airline in China,Just purchase at least100frameF100withF150,The whole China,I’m sure to sell200frameF100withF150,Is at least!”
“Mr. Fernandez,Are you kidding me?”
Chen Geng said that China is a country alone,He is sure to sell at least200RackedF100/F150,Anthony·Falk was moved suddenly!
Why shocked?Because Fokker’s master model:About to be discontinuedF28,From1969Officially put into production since,Total production capacity230Multiple racks,F28No more orders now,Count unproducedF28,The total capacity is241frame。
From1969Year to next year,17Time of year,Falkland-United Aviation Technologies has only sold worldwide241frameF28,For the whole new generationF28、That isF100,Fokker’s goal is not high,Only askF100withF150Can reachF28Sales can be,In other words,FokkerF100The global sales target is240to250frame。
but now,Fernandez·Chen said it was only in China,He can sell200frame,And at least!
Although in accordance with the previous agreement,China market is exclusively owned by Chen Geng,But the Fokker aircraft can still be produced from no ChinaF100/F150Charge a lot of authorization fees,If Fernandez·Chen really can sell so many planes,This license fee alone will also be a huge income!
Besides,Fokker can also make huge income from the aftermarket。