So Valverde thought,Only by solving these rebels,The talents in the organization are afraid,I dare not mess around。So that the organization can be reorganized,And then move on to a glorious path again!

Nacho only frowned after hearing Valverde’s words,“so,Because you decide alone,And killed our teammates?”
Valverde is silent,Of course it’s the default。After all, they actually wanted to come to the island country from the beginning to deal with Cen Wen.。The Seven Sages are more than intelligent,At the same time they have a lot of contacts。
Originally, when I came to the scene based on intelligence, I wanted to exchange a few words with Cen Wen.,Who would have thought that someone would shoot someone without saying a word?。
it’s good now,After the stalemate, there is finally a chance to communicate。
But in Valverde’s view,Cen Wen has no hole cards。of course,They don’t want to make greater sacrifices,“Silver mulberry,You let go。We can not hold you accountable for your hidden strength,As long as Cen Wen is resolved,We can guide you back into the Scullers,Become our heavenly member。To know,Our level,The influence of spiders is great!”
Although the three-to-one settlement of Yin Zan is a matter of hand in Valverde’s view,But once the other party goes crazy,Desperately hit one of them,The one who was hit hard by him would be in danger。
Valverde knew that Nenz and Nacho next to him might not have the same heart with him after knowing that this order was not passed on by Louis.。So in order not to destroy the team’s understanding,He wants Yinsang to make way,Then they complete the task without blood。
just,Yinsang just smiled,Didn’t say anything,Just look at them like this。
This is embarrassing,Because there is no one to answer Valverde’s words!
“Silver mulberry,you consider it,and,Didn’t you say?Join us just for money。such,As long as you are on our side this time,I asked the headquarters to pay you 10 million dollars directly。”Because Valverde does have the heart to replace Louis,So for the department“Employee”Can all understand。
Especially Xuanmen double pride,Actually he has followed。At this time, I remembered that Yinsang once said that joining the organization was for money。There is nothing wrong with this!Those who say loyal are all fake,Not as good as the money。
as expected,After hearing the latter sentence,Yinsang reacted,“Come here first。”