In addition,The government will use executive orders,Require domestic automobile manufacturers to give priority to purchasing spare parts from your base;

Your aviation industry cluster project,The government will also require the Ministry of Aviation Industry to、produce、Research and other fields tilt towards you in all directions。
As for you,For this high-tech industrial development zone,Our idea is like this,Established two teams: the Management Committee of the High-tech Industrial Development Zone and the High-tech Industrial Investment and Development Company:
High-tech industrial development zones are directly under the management of the central government,The management committee of the development zone is responsible for the operation and management of the daily administrative door of the development zone,The direct point is to do a good job of daily service for everyone、Be your housekeeper,And as much as possible in the entire circulation channel to help everyone reduce trouble、Improve efficiency;
As for this high-tech industry investment and development company,Park shareholders,Shareholder by country、Local government and your tripartite composition,of course,Specific to the share ratio of the three parties,We can negotiate slowly;
For all enterprises that settle in this high-tech industrial development zone,We only have one request,Must accept at least one of the park investment and development companies or domestic similar enterprises……”
Listening to the introduction of Deputy Director Wang,Chen Geng has only one thought in his mind:Regarding the two projects I proposed,The central government really attaches great importance to doing its best。
Regardless of the establishment of a high-tech industrial development zone directly under the central government,Or allow yourself to become one of the shareholders of the development zone,Without exception, it illustrates the central government’s desire to introduce advanced foreign technology.:Come on you guys,As long as you are willing to come,Everything is easy to say。
Especially this idea of allowing oneself to become a shareholder of the park,It’s blinding Chen Geng’s eyes,Before and after,Chen Gengke has never heard of any national high-tech industrial development zone“Allow foreign capital to become a shareholder”Such an angry operation,This is really……
Chen Geng couldn’t help but shook his head。
just,Seeing Chen Geng shaking his head,Deputy Director Wang felt a little flustered:what’s the situation?Why did Chen Geng shake his head??Is he still not satisfied with our conditions?
We all allow you Chen Geng to become a shareholder of the park,Theoretically,After you become a shareholder of the park,Not only will you become a shareholder of all settled companies in the park,And if you plan to invest in the park……Do you understand the principle of getting the moon first near the water??