“Great,”Li Jianguo slapped his leg,Said immediately:“Mr. Chen,For this off-road vehicle,Our request is like this,First of all,Can be involved without any modification550Mm of water……”

“Director Li,You stop,”Looking at Li Jianguo who wished to design for him now,Chen Geng hurriedly stopped him:“Let’s not talk about this today,Specific cooperation details,Let’s find an opportunity to talk in detail later,You say good?”
Li Jianguo in a state of extreme excitement,This is the reaction:Yes,What needs to be communicated today,It is nothing more than confirming that Chen Geng has such a willingness to cooperate,Since Chen Geng has the willingness to cooperate,Then nothing is a problem,As for the specific cooperation details,Let’s talk slowly,There are still comrades from several departments waiting。
Realize this,Li Jianguo suppressed his excitement,Apologize to the comrades in several departments, including the Ministry of Three Machinery。
Naturally everyone doesn’t care,Several leaders of other departments who came with Li Jianguo even envy Li Jianguo.,before this,They think this is the hardest thing for the military,But I didn’t expect this thing to be the simplest——Again,For Chen Geng’s ability in car design,No one dares to doubt——But are things in this department easy to handle?,That’s hard to say。
“Mr. Chen,”Also at this time,The acquaintance of Chen Geng from the Third Machinery Department who has not spoken much said:“Is such that,Among the documents you previously submitted to China,In addition to hoping to participate in the operation of domestic civil aviation,It is also required to enter the domestic aircraft and aero engine manufacturing industry?”
The Ministry of Aircraft Industry will soon be renamed the Ministry of Aerospace Industry,That is, AVIC a few years later,Chen Geng’s foot was inserted into the site of the Third Machinery Department。
“Correct it,”Chen Geng raised a finger:“We want to participate,It is the manufacture of China’s civil aircraft and aero engines,At most dual-purpose aircraft engines,Military,We don’t touch。”
Turned out to be like this。
Whether it’s the leaders of the Third Machinery Department or other departments present,All relieved。
before this,They have heard more or less that Chen Geng wants to enter the domestic industry this time.,For Chen Geng wants to enter the domestic aviation aircraft manufacturing industry,See other departments as a joke,The third machine department is like a big enemy:What are you Chen Geng doing??!
Now I hear Chen Geng say that he just wants to build civil aircraft and related engines,The leader of the Third Machinery Department was relieved:I thought you were going to build fighter jets。Just this way,A new problem has appeared again……
“Mr. Chen Geng,”Director Mo asked Chen Geng puzzledly:“Our domestic,There is no talk about the manufacture of civilian aircraft at all.……”
Saying this is like a bitter tear,A big country with a population of nearly one billion,There is basically no aircraft manufacturing industry of its own,Why is it worth it??
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First595chapter Conspiracy planned long ago
? Chen Geng said directly to Director Mo that the China Civil Aviation Market after more than 30 years is such a huge market.,Even if you say it, the other person almost always thinks you are bragging,He thought about it,Said:“China nowGDPRanked in the world11Bit,In terms of current development speed,I think twenty years later,China’s civil aviation market will become one of the world’s largest civil aviation markets。”
The following words,Chen Geng didn’t say,But the leaders present don’t understand what he meant:Such a big market,Does it all depend on buying airplanes??Of course it is impossible,How much does it cost?Even if he Chen Geng can only get a piece of it,That’s an unimaginable income。